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Let it Snow?

Let it snow? Are you kidding? Do you have to rely on the kindness of the neighbors or your nephew that is only available after basketball practice to help you with your snow removal woes? Let us suggest an alternative. What if the next time old man winter chose to drop two feet of snow, you didn't have to worry about shoveling the walk for the mailman or digging your car out to get the groceries?

Making Sure We're Ready When You Are

According to the federal Administration on Aging, persons 65 and older represented 12.9% of the total population in 2009. These are the latest statistics offered to date. By 2030, it is projected that this figure is going to double to a whopping 23% or by 72.1 million people. What does that mean to future retirees?

Growing waiting lists are becoming the norm at many retirement communities, making it increasingly important for people to learn the steps to membership for any community that they wish to consider joining- long before they prepare to make a move.

Knowing When the Time is Right...

Whether you are making a decision for yourself or a loved one, deciding when to make a move is a tough decision. They key to making your future less stressful is to plan ahead and communicate your wishes. If you are headed toward downsizing and making a move, let your family know well in advance how you feel about leaving your home and downsizing your possessions. Tell them how you plan to live your life after you move and how you plan to spend your retirement. When is the right time to move? The easy answer is while you can still enjoy all that the community of your choice has to offer.

Compare Your Costs

A leaky roof, busted furnace, having to pay to have your driveway plowed and your lawn mowed.... The list can go on and on. These are the joys of home maintenance. Couple this with the ever-rising costs to heat and cool your home, gasoline, and your taxes, and the cost to reside in and maintain your home may be a lot more than you think.