What are you having for dinner?

"What's for dinner?" The age old question. If you enjoy fine dining, choices in a comfortable atmosphere, then you will love The Hearth. The Hearth is Partridge Knoll's dining room where chef Matt Palmer and crew serve up everything from pot roast to potato-crusted salmon. Served restaurant-style, your meal includes the choice of at least two entree options, plenty of side dishes and a soup and salad bar that are always stocked and ready. There's nothing in this world like Matt's pumpkin soup or Terry Hooper's amazing desserts. Speaking of dessert. Partridge Knoll serves up sweets that are sure to tempt you. Special diet? No problem. The staff at Partridge Knoll do their best to accomodate. Picky eaters? Whatever your culinary taste, Partridge Knoll offers options proven to please even the fussiest diners. Want to give us a try? Call today and schedule your private tour.