Visions of Green Grass?

When winter and Mother Nature are exceptionally harsh, it's impossible not to long for spring, green grass, tulips, and the promise of warmer weather. Brutally cold temperatures and blowing snow have kept a lot of us indoors this winter. When these conditions linger,  it's not uncommon for symptoms of cabin fever to begin to set in. If you do get out and about, be sure to check in on people in your community that may have a more difficult time getting out. Winter isolation can lead anyone to a case of the 'winter blues', but for those that can't get out safely, loneliness can lead to a sense of being detatched from the friends and family, even depression. Unable to get out yourself? Consider developing a 'telephone chain' or a group of friends and family that telephone members regularly to check in. North Country winters can be tough and this one is proving to be a real doosie. Take a moment to think about people that may have not left their homes in a while and not had a lot of company. Check in with them. You might just be the brightest spot in their day!