The Key to Happiness: Planning

"Mom, Dad, we need to talk about the future."

We understand. This is not an easy topic to brooch. The worst thing we can do is not talk about the future, right? 

Like most things in life, a little planning can make a world of difference. The place to start is, well, at the beginning. Ask your loved one what their ideal retirement living situation looks like in their mind and work from there. What is important? 

  • Where would you like to live? 
  • How many bedrooms will you need?
  • Do you like to cook or have your meals prepared for you?
  • Will you bring your pet?
  • How independent will you be?

Situations change. A serious illness or injury can change your answer to many of these questions. Be sure to discuss what you desire, should the status of health change. A good, honest conversation and a little planning can be the key to you and your loved one's happiness.