Food is Important

Whether your taste buds favor good ol' home-style pot roast or an enticing maple-glazed salmon, there's one thing for sure- Food is something to be savored and mealtime is an important time of the day.The dinner hours are some of the best hours at Partridge Knoll as fabulous aromas from the kitchen find their way into the dining room.  "The Hearth", Partridge Knoll's restaurant-style dining room, offers a variety of menu items sure to tempt even the fussiest of palates. Whether you enjoy the lighter fare or hold out intentionally for dessert, the staff at "The Hearth" are on hand to ensure a pleasurable experience."The Hearth" features a nightly menu with listed entrees, sides dishes and desserts. Members of Partridge Knoll receive their menus in advance and order meals ahead of time. The menu options vary and there are always alternatives, so if what you're craving isn't listed, there are other options to choose from. If you have special dietary concerns, just mention them. The team at "The Hearth" are ready to work with you to ensure that your mealtime is an anticipated experience.When members arrive for their evening meal, they sit at the table of their choice. Soup and salad is available nightly at our salad bar and meals are served, restaurant-style by our attentive servers. Pace yourself! Even thougth we've been encouraged to eat our veggies and to eat lighter fare, I suggest that you save room for dessert. From strawberry shortcake to chocolate mousse, there is always a sweet ending available to complete your meal. Food is an important part of our lives and mealtime is meant to be a social and enjoyable experience. Tired of cooking for one or eating in front of the television? Maybe it's time for a change. Visit Partridge Knoll and see why so many have decided to: Retire into Life!