4 Reasons Why People Choose Independent Living

  • Less stuff, less worry - Independent living means that leaky faucet is not your worry. Place a call and help is on the way! That snowstorm that just dumped six inches of snow in the driveway? It's all taken care of. Want to take a last minute trip to see the grandkids? No problem, turn the key and go! Independent living grants you freedom of not having to worry about home maintenance or who is keeping an eye on your home while you're away. 
  • Stay active and social - It's easy to stay connected and make new friends when your neighbors are just a few steps away. Scheduled activities and transportation are just the ticket to keep cabin fever at bay. When you have a stocked library, exercise room and game room at your disposal, it's easy to find something to do. 
  • Maintaining independence - With housekeeping, meals and other amenities are provided, worrying about what's for supper and vacuuming are a thing of the past. Maintaining your independence is easier when supports are in place to help. 
  • Safety - Everything in your apartment is on the same level, no stairs to climb. Smoke detectors, accessible, apartments are designed with safety and security in mind. On-stie home health services can be coordinated should the need arise, helping to maintain independence. 

These are just a few of the reasons why people choose independent living. To learn more or to schedule a private tour, call us today at (315) 379-1428.